Dear Parents, We are happy to announce that any student that does well in ICSE board exams will be eligible for Scholarship by Akshara Foundation for Arts and Learning for further studies ( Subject to condition).

Akshara High School

At Akshara High School we have been working towards creating a model system of learning that integrates the arts with standard teaching practices. Akshara is a neighbourhood school in the northern suburbs of Mumbai, India. It is a co-educational, English medium ICSE School.

Since it’s inception, the foundation has conducted a range of multi-disciplinary projects that embed the arts in educational practice, thereby enhancing teaching-learning methodologies.

We believe that the arts can play a crucial role in evolving classroom methodologies. At Akshara teachers are encouraged to integrate subjects like language, mathematics, science, art, sports, dance, music, etc using a varied tools and techniques.

Schools today are developing new systems with an emphasis on broad-based education. It is no longer enough to excel in board examinations. Students need to develop varied skills and interests – academics, arts, sports or in community interactions. Through a series of arts engagements we try to sensitise children about the arts and also create opportunities for interaction with artists from different backgrounds. These have included workshops, live performances, screenings, field visits, interactions and demonstrations by national and international artists.