Art Workshop

An arts workshop on 20th April, 2017 with the children of R. Z. P. School waje, R. Z. P. School Cherivali , R. Z. P. School Umroli.

This workshop explored with children aspects of drama, story telling, movement and also making art with paper and clay. The facilitators, a group of artists from the theater planned a day of creative engagement that was fun and also lead to learning. We’re sure this will have an log lasting effect on the Children’s mind in the years to come. This was a first of a series of workshop Being Human plans to do in collaboration with the Akshara Foundation for Arts and Learning.

Arts for All

An initiative by Akshara Foudation of Arts & Learning, Arts for All is an arts programme that includes various arts based engagements for children as well as communities. Arts for All aims to introduce a wide range of artistic exposure to children and their community, thereby impacting their artistic sensibilities and expression, using visual and performing arts mediums.

Arts for All will be conducting various workshops for under serviced children starting with a government run school in Waje, Maharashtra, where 200 children in the primary section will be exposed to a wide range of artistic exposure. These workshops will be done throughout the year through varied forms of art to enhance learning and development amongst these children.

Furthermore, Arts for All will be hosting a year-long series of performances for children from underserviced background to experience theatre.

Mumbai has had a vibrant theatre culture for over a hundred years and it is one of the most active places for theatre for children and young people. Yet, access to performances for children is very limited. With an aim to create more access for children who generally never get to watch live performances by professional artists, we will be creating a performance calendar across Mumbai. Considering the long distances and the way the city is spread out, we shall select 3 venues, each in a different part of Mumbai. 12 months of 12 performances across these venues, with a total of 36 shows, with a capacity to reach 18000 children in a year.

The performances can include plays by theatre companies from Mumbai as well as from across India. We shall also try to include international shows.

Breaking Ground 2018 – Arts for All

The Contemporary Clay Foundation and the Akshara Foundation of Arts and Learning have partnered in promoting learning through the arts and bringing the ceramic arts to a wider audience. At the ceramic festival- Breaking Ground 2018, Arts for All will conduct workshops and programmes to expose children to a wide variety of art over the three months of the festival.

Tifli - Take a child to the theatre

Tifli is an ‘International Festival of Theatre for Young Audiences’ hosted by ASSITEJ India. Tifli is a festival designed to expose children to handpicked international performances as well as present various forms of Indian theatre.

In December, 2016, AFAL sponsored 3000 children from NGOs and municipal schools across Mumbai to watch plays at this unique festival that was hosted in Mumbai for the first time.

Art 1st

Founded in 2009, Art 1st believes that the visual arts are a powerful lens for transforming our world and ourselves.

Their work celebrates and draws inspiration from the abundant traditions of Indian visual art, whether it is folk or fine art, photography or performance. Contemporary artists, authors, designers, filmmakers, educators and historians from across the country serve as mentors and collaborators.

The visual arts curriculum and teacher training programmes aim to support children becoming confident and broad-minded thinkers who feel a deep sense of engagement and purpose in the world. Drawing inspiration from India’s rich visual arts tradition, an age-appropriate curriculum is created for pre-primary, primary, middle and senior school children.

Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning is proud to affiliate with Art 1st in order to benefit 150 children from not-for-profit school through this programme. Selected teachers will also undergo training to enhance their skills and teaching techniques. The Art 1st programme will be an annual programme for three years beginning in 2017.

AFAL - Agastya Science Centre

Founded in 1999, Agastya International Foundation is a charitable education trust that runs one of the world’s largest mobile hands-on science education program for economically disadvantaged children and teachers.

Akshara Foundation of Arts & Learning and Agastya International Foundation join hands to bring the first of its kind Science Centre to Mumbai. Instructors at the Centre will conducthands-on science sessions per month using models covering a wide range of topics in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for Class 5 through 9. The programme will conduct science fairs, teacher training sessions and train Young Instructors (YI).

The Centre will benefit children and teachers from underserviced backgrounds with an objective to:

  • Increase access to practical, hands-on science education
  • Spark curiosity, creativity and curiosity amongst these children
  • Train teachers in hands-on pedagogy
  • Introduce peer-to-peer teaching/ learning methods

At the end of its first year, the Centre aims to reach 8,000 children and close to 150 teachers through its programme.