Why do we need your support ?

Development cannot be steered from the outside, but it can be encouraged.

Education and the Arts are both very crucial aspects of our lives today and our future tomorrow. In any society education and the arts are core to its identity and progress. It is also essential that each and every citizen has access to education and the arts. At the end we are what we are as a community and not as individuals. Yet, access or resources are not within the grasp of every individual, child or adult. And this is where we believe the community can step in and share, to support itself, to support our collective identity, to support change for a better tomorrow.

How you can help !

Sponsor a child’s education

Sponsor materials or donate in kind: teaching-learning materials, library books, science lab equipment, sports equipment, computers, stationery, audio-visual resource materials, musical instruments, etc.

Sponsor infrastructure development: playground development, health center for the school and neighbourhood, renewable energy facilities, auditorium / amphitheater, art and design studios, etc.

Sponsor Arts Projects.