Akshara Foundation of Arts and Learning (AFAL), founded in 2007, is a Mumbai-based not-for-profit public trust that works across several areas, all focused on integrating the arts into education.

Amongst its many projects, is a not-for-profit ICSE school that promotes affordable education that brings to fore the importance of the arts in everyday curriculum. AFAL also supports various other projects that take shape across numerous schools and communities.

Akshara Foundation is proud to be championing these initiatives with the sole objective to build a more aware and sensitive world infused with the arts.

To build spaces that provide equal opportunities and an environment that supports learning where the arts form an essential part of life. A world where children absorb knowledge, develop skills and express themselves freely without fear or prejudice, thus empowering them.


Arts are an integral part of an individual’s well-being as they foster the young to become sensitive and compassionate adults. The Foundation thus aims at creating artistic interventions and experiences which will help children engage more intimately with themselves, their surroundings and the world at large.

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